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Valentines Day is celebrated all over the world with much enthusiasm. It is the time to celebrate love and to pamper the beloved. Though out the world there are several customs and traditions which are followed.

In ancient England, children used to dress up like adults and visit homes singing love songs. In Wales, lovers exchange wooden love spoons.

During the middle ages, the young unmarried men and women used to draw names from the bowl to see who their valentines would be and then they would wear the names on their sleeves for a week.

In some countries it is believed that if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on this day then she will get married to a sailor, if she sees a sparrow then she will get married to a poor man but she will be very happy. A woman who sees a goldfinch on this day will get married to a millionaire.

Nowadays though these traditions might not exist but the custom of giving gifts and cards to the near and dear ones are still in practice.