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No festival or celebration is complete without symbols and Valentines Day cannot be an exception. The colors of Valentines Days are red, pink and white. Given below the symbols of the season:

  • Hearts:

    Since the ancient times, hearts signify love and the place of all human emotions. Gifting heart means giving everything a person has selflessly to the person he or she loves.

  • Ribbons, Laces and Frills:

    They have become a part of love since the time when the knights used to go to the battlefield wearing the scarf or handkerchief presented by his ladylove. During the ancient times usually when a lady wanted to draw the attention of the man, she used to drop her handkerchief.

  • Cupid:

    Cupid or Eros in Greek was the son of the Roman and Greek goddess of love Venus (Aphrodite in Greek). He is depicted as a chubby, naked winged boy with wings carrying a bow and a quiver with arrows. It is believed that Cupid makes people to fall in love.

  • Roses:

    Since the ancient times, roses are associated with love. Rearranging the letters for the word Rose we get the word Eros the god of love. In a Roman legend, it is said that there was a beautiful girl named Rodanthe who had many suitors. Their ardent love made them to break the doors of her house which made goddess Diana infuriated. She turned Rodanthe into a rose and her suitors into thorns.

    The colors of roses also express different sentiments and emotions. For example:

  • Red: Love, Respect, Beauty and Passion

  • White: Innocence, Purity, Silence and True Love

  • Yellow: Friendship, Joy, and Hope

  • Peach: Admiration, Sympathy and Gratitude

  • Orange: Fascination and Passionate Thoughts.


  • Doves and Love Birds:

    It is believed that on 14th February birds choose their mates. Doves and pigeons signify loyalty as they mate with their partners through out their life.

    Love Birds are a kind of parrots found in Africa and are always seen in a pair. Hence they signify love.